Turbo Yeast and Distillers Yeast

Turbo 24 Yeast
Turbo 48 Yeast
Fruit & Schnapps Pot Distilling Turbo Yeast

There are several brands of turbo yeast on the market.  So, what makes High SpiritsTM better than the others?

  • High SpiritsTM yeasts are all produced in the USA, not just private labeled.  They were developed from scratch by Brewhaus, with quality as the most important consideration.

  • All High SpiritsTM yeasts are Urea Free!  Urea is known to contribute to ethyl carbamate production in fermentation, and is even banned in beverage alcohol production in some countries.

  • Because Brewhaus produces and packs High SpiritsTM yeasts, and does not use an outside co-packer, the yeasts can be produced in smaller batches, improving turnover and freshness of the yeast.

  • By removing several middlemen, High SpiritsTM yeasts are available at lower price than their imported alternatives.


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